Thursday, July 18, 2013

FISH REPORT: Fishing with Uncle Mike!

I went night fishing with my Uncle Mike last Monday (July 15th) And I had an absoulute BLAST! I caught one small catfish, and he caught a couple chubs and a Rock Bass! We filleted the Bass and Catfish, but the trip wasn't over yet. I let Uncle Mike use my Dad's Ultralight pole, BIG MISTAKE! All of the sudden, a fish started runing with the worm we were fishing on bottom! Uncle Mike reeled like crazy and brought in a two pound carp! He tried to get it off of the ground (We were fishing on a high bank) but the line snapped :( I still had a blast anyways, Uncle Mike is always fun!

Friday, July 12, 2013

NEWS: "The boat"+Alabama rig

I have a boat. It is a two person rowboat and it came with a trolling motor! How could I afford that you might be thinking? I didn't, a friend gave it to us in exchange for weeding! But how is it mine, well I asked Mom and Dad to give it to me and Gabe (my little bro!) and then Gabe realized that it was expensive to buy new clamps for the trolling motor, a license, stickers for the boat, eventually a new paint job, a couple of patches for holes in the bottom, and other boatish stuff! So, he gave it to me! :) Well, I wanted to take it out yesterday (July 11th) because it was my birthday, but all of kokosing campground was covered in water! Sadly I couldn't take my boat but, but we have it all ready for sometime soon! I had a Tae Kwon Do belt test a while ago, and Gabriel bought me something called an Alabama rig! It is a rig with five diffrent branches that imitates a group of fish (I don't know if five fish can properly be called a "school" so I stuck with group:) In the state of Ohio, you are only allowed to have three branches with hook, but every once in a while I fish private ponds with no regulations, and I can still use three hooks for a public pond! Well, sorry I haven't posted in a while, Summer is busy for me! Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fish Report/Story:A story worth telling my kids one day!

One day I am going to tell my kids this story: Kids, don't  be addicted by video games, because you will do stupid things if you do! One day when I was just a young foolish whipper-snapper, I wanted to play something called a Nintendo Wii with my cousin, down at my Grandparents house! Well, my younger brother Gabriel, and Caroline's younger brother Nelson were already playing. But that was no problem, we had other things to do! Like go fishing in my Granparent's pond! One problem IT WAS POURING RAINING. But that didn't stop us! We walked to my Grandparents pond, got into their paddle-boat, (After tipping it over to get all the water out) and went out in the pond! I gathered all my vast fishing knowledge and told Caroline that since it was raining the fish wouldn't bite, due to it being too wet. Fish don't like getting wet. She just smirked at me and casted. After many laps around the pond and a lot of threats to shove each other off the boat, she ended up catching three nice fish. One 15" Largemouth Bass, a 13" Largemouth and a 9" Sunfish. The only thing she really got out of it is when she called a Largemouth a Smallmouth, and I politely answered that it was a Largemouth. She kinda cocked her head and asked me what the difference was and I (politely) explained that the female was the Largemouth. She believed me at first, but then I explained it was a joke, so I got punched. So the moral of this story is
1. Cousins are a lot of fun!
2. Cousins sometimes get grumpy... (Joking)
4. Don't fish in the rain!

Again, sorry for the absense of posts, hope this made up for it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Ever heard of a muskellunge (Or musky, similar to northern pike) WILL A TRASHEGY HAS MADE ITS WAY TO AMERICA! THE TRASHELUNGE!

(Clean video! I watched all of it!)

INFO: I won't be posting frequently

Sorry guys, but my Dad doesn't like 'screens' (TV, Video games, and yes computer) in the summer so Dad took them away (We, me and my brother, didn't lose it he just wants us to 'play outside' more often) Mom or Dad agreed to give me computer, only once in a while, this fall my posts will be back to usual! Mom and Dad let me type on my laptop (I am making a book on my laptop, so they let me have all laptop privlages during summer. P.S. my laptop does NOT have internet connection) so I will try to type my posts there and use a Flash drive to transfer them later.

TIP: Big Pike video

I subscribe to any fishing e-mails I can get, and I found this video in one of them:

It is clean (all the way to the ninth minute I didn't finish it, but I saw nothing bad) and at the ninth minute they fillet the pike (Most of you will want to skip that) but within the first minute they catch a BIG pike! I hope you enjoy!

Friday, May 24, 2013

[FISH REPORT] I couldn't find my camera cord, sorry for the delay. Fishing at my Grandparents house.

Time= X I forgot but I guess a month ago.
Time Started fishing= 11:52 am
Time stopped fishing= 1:31
Number of fish I caught= 7
Fish one:
Time I caught it= 11:59 (First cast, I took a while to set up)
Species= Sunfish
Caught on= Small minnow (Pictured in swivels post)

Fish 2:
Time I caught it= 12:31
Species= Largemouth Bass
Lure= Plastic Worm reeling rapidly through water.

Fish 3:
Time I caught it= 12:33 (Next cast after last fish)
Species= Largemouth Bass
Lure= Plastic Worm reeling rapidly through water.

Fish 4:
Species= Largemouth Bass
Lure= Artificial Grasshopper (Popper)

Fish 5:
Time 1:14
Species= Sunfish
Lure= Grasshopper

Fish 6:
Time= 1:22
Species= Largemouth Bass
Lure= Grasshopper popper with a sinker on the string. The front of the lure wanted to go down the top wanted to go up, giving it some pretty sweet jigging action!

Fish 7:
Time= 1:26
Species= Largemouth Bass
Lure= Grasshopper popper with sinker

Next Time= I forgot a tape measure, and I need to stay away from shore, so many fish would come to get my lure, then see me and go back down!

All in all Grandpa's house= good fishing, He is so courteous to let me fish there.

Fish 5

Fish 4

Fish 4 close up

Grandpa's pond

Gradpa's left side

Grandpa's pond right side